Fingerprint Biometrics Market Growth with top key vendors like Anviz Global, FUJITSU, Fingerprint Cards AB

Nov 05 2019 / By Absolute Markets Insights

The Global Fingerprint Biometrics Market is predicted to reach to US$ 6.51 Bn in 2022, due to Increasing Demand for Identification and Authentication to Maintain Access Control of Individuals

The technology presents several advantages such as high level of security in the private, public, and commercial sectors. It records unique human characteristics, such as retina, fingerprints, DNA, and voice patterns, for authorization. Furthermore, the market is gaining traction owing to spiraling use of the technology across several verticals in different sectors for enhancing security.

With biometrics technology, there are reduced frauds and security breaches as compared to traditional methods such as use of tokens and passwords. A biometrics system uses a reader, related software, and a database to compare, thus providing a high degree of accuracy and security. In addition, increasing adoption of the technology in the e-commerce industry for secure payments is expected to propel the market during the forecast period.

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The advent of advanced information and communication technologies have imparted the development of inexpensive fingerprint sensors. Unlike the traditional access control systems such as passwords or magnetic strip cards, the finger print biometrics has enabled reduce security threats and fraudulent incidences. The increase in these security risks has mandated that organizations revisit their strategies related to these risks and deploy fingerprint biometric solutions in their system. Fingerprint sensor is a device that has been harnessed in the development of effective and accurate access control solutions. They help organizations to identify valid users and take appropriate security measures. The recent developments in fingerprint biometrics has propelled the growth of fingerprint biometrics market globally.

Key players operating in the Fingerprint Biometrics market are Anviz Global, FUJITSU, Fingerprint Cards AB, Fulcrum Biometrics, LLC., Gemalto NV, Idex ASA, NEC Corporation, Precise Biometrics, Inc., Synaptics Incorporated and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. amongst others.

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