Malaysia Important Role For Investment In Asia

May 22 2019 / By Shreyas Tanna

Malaysia plays a very important part in Asia as a whole due to its strong economical stance and production growth. In addition, Malaysia is also associated with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) which increases its responsibility towards countries in Asia. Due to different strong partnerships and resources the country has, it acts as one of the strongest members in Asean.

A recent statement was released by Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali, the says Economic Affairs Minister of Malaysia, there is a strong opportunity for members of the Asean committee in terms of investments that can be moved through Malaysia. Malaysia is a country that attracts investors all the time and a partnership can be created to help move these investors with their money towards the rest of the countries in the Asean market.

This market is appealing for any investors as it contains a total of 650 million in population collectively. Mr. Mohamed commented on the news saying, “Many large companies are looking for a location in the region to move to, and Malaysia has good investment opportunities. This is all a legacy problem that the government has to bear, but we should accept the fact that the country’s financial situation is in bad shape. However, the government will find a way to assist Felcra settlers.”

It is expected from Malaysia to observe a growth in economy and numbers in the upcoming quarter due to the fact that China and the United States are at a war right now.